Spring time is officially among us! Spring is considered the best time to have an outdoor wedding. It is synonymous with “new beginnings” as the blooming flowers and beautiful colors are renewed around this season. The scenery, adequate attire, and color palettes that are used during Spring can create the perfect setting for your wedding. Your new beginning towards the rest of your life can start with a gorgeous Spring wedding. 

We’ve compiled some of our best tips towards planning your event:

Spring Holidays To Remember

As you set the date for your spring wedding, there’s a couple of holidays to keep in mind during this season:

  • Mother’s Day: Always a Sunday in May
  • Memorial Day: Always a Monday in May
  • Father’s Day: Always a Sunday in June
  • Palm Sunday: Typically in March or April
  • Easter: Typically in March or April

Do your best to plan your wedding around these holidays. Many of your guests may be avid celebrators of these events and it may conflict with your wedding attendance if planned on the same date.

Spring Weather

The spring season is known to have unpredictable weather. Sunny days may be followed by periods of rain and extreme weather changes. You should be prepared and consider incorporating a tent into your wedding venue in case of rain or any unforeseen circumstances.

Spring Wedding Color Palette

Spring marks the transition from winter to summer colors. Color schemes around this time of year usually revolve around light, airy, and pastel colors. Your color palette can range outside the ones we’ve provided but feel free to use any of these neutral, pink, or yellow based color schemes we have selected for your inspiration!

Cake Decor

The definition of Spring is encased in light colors and flowers. One of the best ways to see spring colors brought to life is through your cake. Whether you choose vibrant colors or a more neutral palette, your cake should represent you and your personal spring theme.

Everything Floral

Spring weddings usually involve everything floral. Flowers around this time of year are exceptionally fragrant and vibrant, so keep this in mind as it can be concerning to some guests. However, a strong fragrance can also help embody the true essence of a spring themed wedding. Always choose what is best for you and your guests. Make sure to research which flowers are in season and available around your wedding date. Consult with your floral designer to get the perfect floral vision for your wedding.

Bella Mansions

Though our beautiful Sanger Mansion is currently under construction, it makes the perfect location for a Spring themed style shoot. From artistically styled to romantic and floral themed shoots, our property is free to use! All we ask is to let us post some of your pictures to our website and social media. Use the link below to book a date and time!