From destination weddings to riding into a venue on horses or elephants, this is your moment. Why conform to the status quo? A wedding is simply a celebration of love to share alongside your loved ones, it doesn’t mean suit and tie is mandatory. While not every unconventional option is going to be accessible for you or your guests, there’s still things you can do to make this day memorable with some creativity. New non-traditional trends and quirks are gaining a lot of popularity and we’re here to share some of the best ones with you! 

Alternative Colors for Wedding Dresses

colorful wedding dress

The bride does not have to be in white dress. While black wedding dresses have been a big trend as well, you can dress as colorful or neutral as you want! Your dress should make you feel beautiful. Whether that means sticking with a more traditional color and style or stepping outside of the norms, all you have to do is make sure it does it’s main job, which is to make you smile.

Doggy Ring Bearer

cute dog

While kids make really cute ring bearers, dogs make even better ones. Have your furry friend deliver your rings at the altar and wait for the on cue “awe” as they waddle by everyone. This isn’t limited to just dogs, whatever your pet of choice may be, just train them to be the greatest delivery man!

Embrace Your Culture

cultural wedding

Cultural weddings aren’t technically considered ‘non-traditional’ to their specific culture. Though, not everyone is connected enough to their roots to pursue a wedding outside the standard norm. No matter your background, incorporating traditions outside a white dress and a suit and tie can be a beautiful thing and serve as a mix of your American and native culture.

Surprise Wedding


Surprise weddings are a growing trend that have recently gained popularity within unconventional traditions. Basically, this is inviting your friends and family over to an event but upon arrival, they realize they’re actually attending your wedding! If you’re sporadic and love a good surprise, this is for you.

Unconventional Venue

Like we said, not everyone can afford to take both sides of the family to an expensive island wedding, but a venue can take place anywhere. You can attend a music festival, dressed in white and some sneakers! Have a tent wedding in a spacious piece of land near nature and fill with possible decorative surprises inside. You can even host your wedding at your favorite cafe or restaurant. Anything is possible, don’t let traditional standards hold you back from considering certain places. 

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