When it comes to wedding planning, there are tons of tedious tasks and details that need to be sorted before the big day. The color palette you choose for your wedding is the perfect way to showcase your style and personality.

The wedding colors you choose will ultimately guide many of the other decisions made regarding linens, invites, bridesmaid dresses, florals, and more. 

From lighter color palettes in the spring and summer to darker palettes for the fall and winter, we’ve put together a list of some of the top trending color schemes to inspire you!

Summer Color Palettes

Forest Green & Gold

You can never go wrong with a classic green, white, and gold color palette. The contrast of the crisp white on lush greenery with highlights of gold are one of the hottest trends right now.

Petal Pink & Dusty Blue

If you’re looking for a delicate color palette that creates an upscale garden atmosphere, the petal pink & dusty blue were made for you. 

Fall Color Palettes

Pretty Plum & Dusty Rose

A rich plum combined with a delicate dusty rose color wields a color theme that we can’t help but FALL in love with. You can even try mixing in a vintage copper color or gray to add some depth.

Rose Gold & Raspberry Red

If you’re looking for bold and beautiful color combinations, look no further than rose gold and raspberry red. This color scheme adds a little drama to your wedding look, while also still providing a chic and elegant backdrop for your big day.

Winter Color Palettes

Frost White & Ice Blue

Depending on where your wedding will be held, a snowy wintery landscape isn’t always readily available. The frost white and ice blue color combination brings a shimmer of snow and ice to mimic the frosting of the season. This palette is cool yet warm at the same time.

Black, White & Shimmery Gold

Black, white, and gold gives a nod to the festive wintery season while elevating the wedding look. These colors give any wedding an elegant and enchanting look and are sure to never go out of style.

Summer Color Palettes

Shades of Yellow

The color yellow represents happiness, optimism and hope, so what better way to bring back that summertime sunshine than with shades of yellow.

Lovely Lilac

Light pastel colors are a brides go-to for spring weddings, and one of our favorites is lilac. From lilac to lavender, you’re sure to find a shade that works for you.

Choosing the perfect wedding color combination is equally important as selecting your dress, venue, and decor. Each season provides so many great color options for when it comes to wedding themes and we hope that you find one that inspires you.

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