If you’re newly engaged and you have  just started the wedding planning process, you’ll soon find that one of the biggest and hardest decisions you’ll have to make is where you’re going to host the big day. 

Finding the perfect venue isn’t easy. The venue you choose can set the entire tone for your wedding. With so many options and things to consider, choosing the right wedding venue can quickly become stressful. 

Many factors go into deciding on a venue, and we are happy to help you narrow them down. We want to help make your wedding venue dreams a reality, so we’ve created a list of the five most important factors to consider when looking at different venues.

tips for choosing a wedding venue bella mansions

First things first, the budget.

Before stepping foot in any  venues, you should have an idea of your overall budget and how much your vision and design would cost to execute. Divide your budget by categorizing wedding aspects and rank them by priority. Consider how many people you have to hire, decor, price per plate, etc. We recommend prioritizing vendors and staff first, prioritizing venues is going to lead to you spending more than you allocated for because you will still have other funds to consider afterward. \

tips for choosing a wedding venue bella mansions

Having a ballpark number for the amount of people you are expecting will help determine the type and size of venue you should be looking for. As you are visiting venues, envision the layout of your reception and how or if your guests would fit comfortably within that venue. Having a good idea of your guest list will also aid in organizing your budget because many costs are dependent on the amount of people attending. 

tips for choosing a wedding venue bella mansions

It is important to stay authentic to your individual style and stick to your wedding vision. Many brides can be easily influenced by the influx of wedding styles they see online, but it is important to remember that while a venue may look amazing with a certain theme, it may not be a good fit for your specific style or theme.

bella mansions wedding venue

Whether you’re looking at having a  hometown or destination wedding, location and accessibility are important factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue. If you have out of town guests coming in, or your wedding is held in an unfamiliar area, you want to make sure that accommodations and accessibility to the destination are facilitated. These factors alongside with the location itself will be deciding factors into your budget as well.

choosing a wedding venue bella mansions

“Save the Date” are three words that every bride wants to share. Ultimately, you need to determine what you find more important, your dream venue or getting married at a particular time of year. Regardless of what you prioritize, we recommend you pick out a few dates before venue hunting. Have dates in mind that you find work with what you want and dates you know you would like to avoid because of conflicting events or holidays. Usually, finding a date depends on venue availability.


Even when finally securing a venue, you have to worry about the little details like where you will get ready, if that is in a different location, how will you get there? The moving pieces that fall on your shoulders when the big day comes are things not all venues include. 

Bella Mansions on the other hand, offers you an all-inclusive luxury wedding experience that includes everything from bridal suites to a photographer. Our team is committed to helping you throughout the entire wedding planning process. 

The newly renovated Sanger Mansion is expected to be done by 2023 and can be the place where you hold your dream wedding. For more information and updates about the Sanger Mansion Venue please visit online and sign up for our email list!