Summer means freedom and living a carefree life. Summer means adventures with friends and family, and summer means living life to the fullest and trying new things. Whether you know your camera like the back of your hand or you’re just getting into the world of photography, the summer season is full of inspiration to bring out the artist in you.

Here are some summer-themed photos that we love to get you inspired for your next shoot.


One of the best things about summertime is all of the beautiful florals across the landscape. In many cultures, wildflowers represent happiness and joy–the perfect moods to describe summer. Not only are wildflowers meaningful, but their uniqueness makes for a stunning backdrop for your photos. Just remember that as tempting as it may be to pick them, don’t do it! Leave them be so that more people can enjoy their beauty.


If you are a novice photographer and you want some ideas to stimulate your creativity, consider using a mirror as a prop. You can play with the mirror’s reflection to create unexpected and interesting images. Frameless mirrors can make for incredibly unique photos that blur the line between reflection and reality.


Does anyone else agree that the summer wardrobe is the best wardrobe? The possibilities are endless, from light, flowy dresses paired with a cute pair of sandals to baggy tees plus some cool sneakers. Airy fabrics, bright colors, and new patterns can make for the loveliest photos. 


Vibrant, spunky colors in photographs can’t help but catch your eye and make you smile. Colors also significantly affect the mood of the photo. Depending on what colors you use, they can remind you of the warm liveliness of summer, the cozy sleepiness of fall, the fresh renewal of spring, or the cold isolation of winter.

Edgy Looks

Are bright colors and bold patterns too flashy for your style? Try some neutrals and darker tones with cityscapes or unfinished buildings for an edgier vibe. There is something subtle and cool about wood, metal, concrete, and leather. Don’t be afraid to try different poses to see what works best for the story you are trying to tell through your photographs.

Searching for a new location for your next styled photoshoot?

Check out the Sanger Mansion for your summer-styled photoshoot location! Although Sanger Mansion is currently under construction and not yet ready to welcome Bella Brides, its current state provides the perfect backdrop for an artistically styled photoshoot. 
Hone your craft and take photos to your heart’s content. We’ll let you use Sanger Mansion for free! All we ask is that you allow us to share your talented work on our social media and website. Don’t worry; we’ll always give you credit for your images. We can’t wait to see your creativity soar! Contact us to schedule a free, styled shoot today.