Fall comes with many unbeatable seasonal staples, so it’s no surprise that fall is the most popular time of the year to tie the knot. Weddings from September to December provide the cool fresh air for dreamy outdoor ceremonies or receptions and the bright autumn leaves to create a captivating backdrop for pictures of your special day. We at Bella Mansions have collected our fall wedding favorites for things like cakes, dresses, decor, and more that you can use as inspiration for your perfect autumnal wedding!

Decor & Aesthetics

Clean and Green

You can never go wrong with the traditional clean and green look! We have found that more couples are opting for plants, leaves, and vines in their decor instead of strictly flowers, especially in the fall.

Dark and Earthy

Floral arrangements and decorations are starting to stray from the traditional delicate flowers to incorporate dark dry flowers, painted flowers, or bleached flowers. Dark and earthy tones are perfect for a fall wedding.


For The Bride

2020 has been non-traditional to say the least. It seems only fitting that non-traditional wedding dress alternatives like jumpsuits, skirts, and capes are becoming increasingly popular in fall weddings. Express your creativity and style and try out one of these contemporary styles.

For The Bridesmaids

You could also try adding some pumpkin spice into your bridesmaids dresses! Allow your bridesmaids to express their creativity and individuality by having them wear something similar but not exactly the same.


Recently, we’ve seen a trend towards more organic and natural looking wedding cakes. Some of our favorite fall wedding cakes utilize designs that resemble stone, marble, and other earthy textures like vines, flowers, and greenery.


The busy wedding season means that your friends and families mailboxes are probably filling up with several other invitations. You can make your wedding invite stand out from the rest by incorporating bolder colors, patterns, calligraphy, or even an acrylic design!

Food & Entertainment

A wedding trend that is on the rise is getting the wedding guests more involved at the reception. The perfect way to get people to interact is through food and entertainment. Try incorporating a mixology class, charcuterie boards at tables, a live band, or even a live painter to create a memorable night for you and your guests.


All fall weddings need a dreamy backdrop and brides are starting to opt for venues with history and heart instead of a stuffy old ballroom.

The Sanger Mansion sat abandoned for over 30 years but is now being renovated to become a premier venue for the wedding of your dreams. The Sanger Mansion is an all-inclusive wedding venue, so Bella Mansions will take care of the tedious wedding tasks like securing photography, videography, catering, and flower arrangements. FALL in love with all the mansion has to offer, like its blooming vineyard, grand staircase, on-premise spa, bridal, and honeymoon suites!

sanger mansion

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