Photographs have a way of capturing a feeling at a moment in time without using any words. Photography is an art form that can awaken deep emotions and truly connect people by telling a story through images. 

As with any art form, getting started is usually the hardest part. It’s easy to get a creative block that keeps you from trying out new ideas or honing your craft. Don’t get caught up worrying about capturing the perfect photo or having the most original idea, just get started and go from there. If you need a little inspiration for your next photoshoot, try using these questions to get your creative juices flowing.


Think of your favorite books and movies. Can you use that concept to style a shoot?

Using a book or movie as a theme is an excellent way to inspire imaginative ideas for a fun, styled shoot. For example, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler is a classic children’s book about a couple of kids who run away from home and live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The book draws on themes of adventure and childhood fantasy. If you wanted to create a photoshoot around this book, you could opt for a museum setting or a vintage New York feel for your wardrobe.

Other possibilities include Pride and Prejudice for a romantic and elegant style or Stranger Things for an edgy and cool 80s vibe. The options are endless! Have fun scouring through pop culture for a spark of inspiration.





Do you have a specific memory or emotion from your life that you want to convey in your images?

Car windows rolled down, the wind blowing through your hair, music blasting from the speakers…you know that feeling. Maybe the joy of a carefree summer day is the emotion that you want to communicate in your photos. Capture your images at a lake or carnival. You could choose light, flowy dresses for your model’s clothing.

Other feelings that could be captured in interesting ways through photography include loneliness, romance, or even rebellion. Feel free to explore a variety of emotions and decide which would make the most compelling photos that could truly speak volumes.



Are you inspired by a certain location? How can it be the basis for the story you tell?

It’s hard to find anywhere as breathtaking as Mother Nature herself. Majestic mountains, gorgeous beaches, and mystical forests all make for exquisite backdrops for photographs. Base your photoshoot on the patch of sunflowers that brightens your morning when you drive by on the way to work. Put your model in an outfit that compliments the colors of the flowers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to location scouting. Each location creates a different mood for your shoot. Although the Sanger Mansion has not yet finished its remodel and isn’t ready for weddings, it provides the perfect setting for an artistic shoot in its current state. Wear a bold black dress or bring a ballerina as your model. There are endless ways to create captivating, artistic, and compelling photos with an alluring unfinished mansion as the backdrop.

Whether it’s a wedding photo or a fashion editorial, photography is in its essence storytelling. If you want to flex your creative muscles and try an artistic shoot, you can find inspiration everywhere you look. Let Bella Mansions be part of the story you tell and schedule a shoot at the Sanger Mansion today.