All-inclusive wedding venues are the future of wedding planning. By booking with this special kind of venue, a bride and her guests are guaranteed a list of hand-selected perks to help her not only plan the wedding but enjoy it too.

1. On-Premise Spa

Take off the stress of planning your big day by spending time beforehand in our luxurious on-location spa fit for a bride and her wedding party. Feel pampered while enjoying a nice glass of champagne.

2. Provided Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Choose a venue that provides a hand-picked list of photographer/videographer for you, who will capture your wedding day and special moments perfectly.

3. Hand-Selected Bridal Florist

. Whether it’s desert or winter-themed, it’s important to top off any wedding with coordinating flowers to match. All-Inclusive venues work with their hand-selected florists to coordinate color schemes and set up on the day of.

4. Catered Flavors

Feed your guests with delicious foods that will leave them wanting more. By working exclusively with certain caterers, all-inclusive wedding venues can provide and more diverse flavor menu for the big day.

5. Private Honeymoon Suite

 Once the night is over, enjoy a nice stay in the private honeymoon suite. After a long day of making memories that will last a lifetime, feel comfort in knowing that your nighttime destination is only a few steps away.

Every love is special and we believe every wedding should be too. We are proud to be an all-inclusive wedding venue that can customize our perks to any bride. Our team of experts will help bring your vision to life so that you can celebrate your special day. Be the first to set your wedding date by subscribing to our newsletter.

(Disclaimer: The Sanger Mansion all-inclusive experience is subject to change as more vendor information is developed and renovation continues.)